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Hardware Development

Hardware development is a very broad field of activity. Mostly simply the circuit diagram and the layout is associated with it. However, hardware development is much more! It is to focus specifically on the individual requirements, because each product is unique and as such to develop. Safety, reliability, cost, size and performance are then important criteria that determine how well a system implemented.

Only when the hardware development is understood as a holistic process, the result will exceed expectations. We of poms-engineering work according to standardized procedure models. We derive the hardware from the system requirements, recognize and define the interfaces between different components of the system (e.g. mechanical or software), develop the hardware with methods and tools according to the state of the art, take the development result in operation and check with verifiable tests whether the system requirements are consistently met.

We know the major difference between a research platform and a series product. We accompany you therefore beyond the development process and perform the design transfer to a third party manufacturer. The production of your electronic device is thus in good hands.

  • analog, digital and mixed-signal circuit design
  • low-power design
  • analog measurement engineering
  • EMC compatible layout
  • RF technology
  • VHDL designs
  • high-speed layouts
  • impedance controlled routing
  • 3D modeling
  • Spice- and RF simulation
  • schematic input and layout design using Altium Designer and Eagle
  • double, multilayer and HDI printed circuit boards

  • inquiry of required standards
  • conceptual design
  • schematic and layout
  • circuit simulation and calculation
  • EMC testing
  • prototype construction
  • design transfer for mass production
  • training courses related to Altium Designer

USB AIS Receiver

The AIS stick is an USB AIS receiver with the size of a conventional USB stick. It receives AIS messages (e.g. position data) in the maritime area and features and integrated GNSS receiver.

Multifunction Display

The multifunction display is designed for naval applications and can thus be used under extreme environmental conditions. It allows the visualization of NMEA and AIS data.

Search-and-Rescue Transmitter

The search and rescue transmitter is used for faster localization of persons in distress.

Wi-Fi AIS Receiver

Compact dual channel AIS receiver with integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, USB and NMEA 0183 output.