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You have an idea, but do not know how to realize this technically? You have a finished product, but you are dissatisfied with its reliability? Are you introducing new development tools in your business, but you are not convinced yet, which tool best coincides with your needs?

From the idea through to the design and implementation, to production of your product, we support you and your employees. Trust a reliable partner with extensive experience in the hardware and firmware development in case of troubles and difficulties to successfully complete critical and technically challenging projects.

Especially in the fields of communications and information technology the development advances faster and faster. In many cases it is no longer possible for smaller companies to cover the entire know-how with its own resources. This requires that specialists are consulted, which enables not only access to a larger pool of knowledge, but also can identify and avoid errors in the implementation at an early stage. Thus the total costs can be reduced, development times shortend and time to market reduced. Your employees can also be trained specifically to secure the acquired know-how in your company for future projects.

  • creating expertise
  • creating and evaluating hardware and software concepts
  • Altium Designer trainings
  • creating and evaluating measurement methods
  • reviewing hardware and software components
  • guidance in the fields design, EMC testing and design transfer/mass production
  • feasibility studies
  • inquiry of required standards
  • project planing and management
  • FMEA studies
  • risk analysis
  • training in the field of embedded design