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Wi-Fi/USB AIS Receiver


The RV500 NG is an AIS receiver with integrated Wi-Fi, USB and NMEA 0183 interface. Due to its small dimensions, the receiver can be used not only for fixed installation on a ship, but also for portable applications (for example on charter ships). Turns every laptop, every tablet and every smartphone into a navigation device.


  • Simultaneous reception of AIS data on channel AIS1 (161.975 MHz) and AIS2 (162.025 MHz)
  • Position calculation using GPS/GNSS
  • Integrated GNSS patch antenna and possibility to connect an external antenna to use the receiver under deck
  • Power supply via USB or 12V/24V supply system on board
  • Transmit NMEA data via NMEA 0183 interface
  • Wi-Fi transmission/reception to/from up to 8 clients (notebook, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • Wi-Fi supports access point and station mode (concurrently)
  • NMEA routing/filter settings configurable via web interface
  • Bridge function:
    • Wi-Fi/GNSS/AIS to Wi-Fi (TCP/UDP)
    • Wi-Fi/GNSS/AIS to USB (virtual COM Port)
    • Wi-Fi/GNSS/AIS to NMEA 0183
  • Supports all popular navigations tools like OpenCPN, iSailor, NV Verlag, iNavx, FUGAWI, etc.


  • design, schematic and layout of the assembly
  • implementation of the application and the web interface for device configuration
  • standard investigation
  • EMC testing
  • certification companionship (CE/FCC/IC)
  • implementation of an USB bootloader
  • 3D rendering for the user manual and various advertising material
  • project management

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