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Moitessier HAT


The Moitessier HAT (hardware on top) is named after the famous sailor Bernd Moitessier. The HAT provides full, open-source marine navigation features for the Raspberry Pi, officially supported by OpenPlotter. The hardware enables the reception of AIS data that can be visualized on a monitor or tablet. In addition, position information and compass data are processed, which supports navigation.

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Product page:


  • Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi models supporting 40-pin IO header
  • High-sensitivity dual channel AIS receiver with SMA antenna connector (better than -112 dBm)
  • High-performance GNSS receiver with integrated patch antenna. An external antenna is supported via BNC connector.
  • 3 status LEDs (AIS status, GNSS status, error)
  • Barometric pressure, compass, heel and trim. Optional humidity and temperature (only reasonable for standalone usage). Sensors are directly accessible via Raspberry Pi.
  • IO headers (optional) to interface with spare GPIOs of the Raspberry Pi and the HAT’s microcontroller (e.g. software emulated I2C)
  • UART signals of Raspberry Pi available on header (optional)
  • Data communication via SPI (AIS, GNSS and meta data) and via I2C (sensor data). Data accessible via device driver and device file.
  • Supports ID EEPROM and automatic device tree loading
  • Firmware upgradeable via Raspberry Pi
  • Officially supported by OpenPlotter
  • Supports all common navigation tools like OpenCPN, iSailor, NV Verlag, iNavx, FUGAWI, and many more.


  • design, schematic and layout of the assembly
  • firmware implementation
  • implementation of the Linux device driver
  • implementation of the production test
  • technical customer support
  • maintaining git repository

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