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Fall Detector


The battery-operated sensor is used to detect a fall of a person. The required software algorithm was implemented by the company Spantec GmbH. A fall can be detected with a reliability of 97%. The algorithm is feed with the measurement data of acceleration and gyro sensor. Based on this, the highly complex algorithm recognizes typical features of a fall and automatically notify a central processing unit that alerts the nearest rescue station. The ease of use and the ergonomics of the system are purposefully designed for older people. Statistically this group fall very often. With the changes in bone structure in old age, serious violations are usually the result of a fall. Studies have also shown that independently calling for help is only possible in rare cases. Our system is not preventively, but ensures, in case of a fall, that the person in distress gets faster help with no additional interaction.

The fall detector has an audible and visual alarm. In addition, the hardware supports the ability for a vibration notification. ANT is used to communicate with the central processing unit. A SD card records the measurements that are used to improve the algorithm and the recogniation rate continuously on the one hand and on the other hand to gather information about potential injury patterns due to the impact force.


  • design, schematic and layout
  • firmware implementation (excl. fall detection algorithm)
  • EMC testing
  • CE/FCC certification
  • implementation of a flash based bootloader and a user interface (LabWindows)
  • design transfer for mass production

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