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Wi-Fi AIS Receiver with integrated Multiplexer


The SEANEXX RX3xx AIS receiver and multiplexer series combines several NMEA instruments in one compact solution. Thereby the required installation space is reduced and the cost benefit is up to 70% compared to a solution using single devices to get the same functionality. The features are as follows:

  • Simultaneous reception of AIS data on channel AIS1 (161.975 MHz) and AIS2 (162.025 MHz)
  • Position calculation using GPS/GNSS
  • Read data from external NMEA instruments and transmit this data on several interfaces of different kind (multiplexer)
  • Bridge function:
    • NMEA 0183/GNSS/AIS to Wi-Fi (TCP/UDP)
    • NMEA 0183/GNSS/AIS to USB (virtual COM port)
    • NMEA 0183 to NMEA 0183 (baud rate conversion)

In addition, the RX3xx series features a barometer, temperature and humidity sensor, which provide important information especially for sailors. A SD card enables storage of NMEA data for data evaluation and processing at a later time.

The numerous interfaces enable communication with all standard on-board systems on a ship. The four NMEA 0183 inputs can be used to connect various devices such as echo sounder, depth sounder, speed sensor etc. One NMEA 0183 input supports the high-speed standard for baud rates upto 38400 bps. Two independently configurable NMEA 0183 outputs can drive a chart plotter or autopilot. The trend toward the use of smartphones, tablets and associated navigation apps is more relevant than ever, especially in the recreational boating. The RX3xx follows this trend and allows NMEA data streaming via Wi-Fi.

Customer: FT-TEC Electronics GmbH

SEANEXX RX320 Promotion Video (incl. Audio)


  • design, schematic and layout of the assembly
  • implementation of the application and the web interface for device configuration
  • standard investigation
  • EMC testing
  • certification companionship (CE/FCC/IC)
  • implementation of an USB bootloader
  • 3D rendering for the user manual and various advertising material
  • project management

Picture Gallery

Using the RX320 with OpenCPN and NV Charts (inkl. Audio)